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Login shell?

A long time ago, we had the weird problem that Cygwin users who used zsh
as their main shell, would find that the .zprofile (or whatever it's
called) would not be run at login - but only if their home directory had
been created by Cygwin's mkdir!  (It *would* run if their $HOME
directory had been created by Windows explorer!)

Despite examining closely with Windows GUI tools and getfacl/setfacl,
we couldn't resolve the problem.  But Michael Wardle, a subscriber
on this list, kindly provided shell.c (on Mar 24 2005, I think), which
opened /etc/passwd, found the user's preferred shell, and started that
(falling back to /bin/bash by default in case of problems).

So I changed our Cygwin startup .bat file to run shell.exe instead of
the hard-coded "bash --login -i", and all was well.

I just want to confirm, that the traditional Cygwin way of achieving
this same result is still to modify cygwin.bat on a PC-by-PC basis
(assuming one user per PC), rather than to take the traditional Unix
way and change the shell field in /etc/passwd?

Or has some other system been instituted?  Sorry, I'm a bit out of


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