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Re: SVN not working correctly...

Leo28C wrote:

> ARGH, Linux and anything to do with it makes me SO mad... >:(

What has Linux to do with the problem?

> How do I change the newlines? There's more than 100 files to change I
> believe, and it's hard to do with SciTE... :-/

You don't have to change anything.  SciTE is for Windows, so it probably works
fine with no changes; the original problem was using svn under Cygwin.

> I downloaded RapidSVN, but I have no idea how to use it... What the hell's a
> "repository"? I uninstalled Linux for a reason, damn it! :-@
> HELP, I'm a Windows user! (ARGH)

Remember I said "probably".  And first step was to find out if that was the problem.

Look at it another way, Cygwin's svn didn't work as expected when you tried,
somebody (me) told you that svn does funny things with line endings, so you have
to look for what is best for you.  You can become a svn expert and learn how to
move between environments or go the easy way and use a Windows tool for svn,
RapidSVN is one (I've never used it).
Renà Berber

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