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Re: Arkeia

That's the wrong procedure, you should not set DISPLAY yourself, ssh takes
of that, and the value of DISPLAY is not <your client IP>, ssh will set it
<your server IP>:10 or similar. 
That's what happens when you set DISPLAY wrong, in this case there is a
 that prevents direct connections.  Ssh doesn't use direct connections, it
tunnels the X protocol over the same connection you used to log-in.

Renà Berber

That's right. Thanks. I have it working now. I reinstalled our custom linux
build (previously had commercial build) and arkeia on the server and deleted
/  /.ssh/knownhosts file on the client, to get rid of the previous host

I do get the error:
warning: No auth data; using fake authentication data for X11 forwarding.
...but it works when I just type xarkea. I'm not sure how serious this
warning is. I think I've read that I can ignore it. I'll have to look into
that some more.

Thanks for your help.

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