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Cygwin Python/PIL TCL/TK fork rebase solution

I recently was forced to build PIL under Cygwin Python 2.4.3 and ran
into the Cygwin fork/rebase issue with TCL/TK yet again.
Unfortunately, none of the rebase workarounds I found through my
copious STFWing worked this time.

Through trial and error I found that the following worked:

rebase -b 0x1000000000 /bin/tk84.dll

I post this here mostly for documenatation so that others can find a
more current solution than what's already available through STFWing.

But I'm also curious about rebase and to understand more about how one
chooses what base address and offset to use.  In my trial and error I
found that the default base address of 0x70000000 didn't work, nor did
the value of 0x68000000 I found through my STFWing.  I found the value
of 0x1000000000 by incrementing from 0x10000000 to 0x20000000 to
0x30000000 and so on until I found one that worked.

So if anyone wants to explain to me how to choose base address and
offset values, that would be cool.


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