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Re: problem with running tcl/tk scripts


Thank you very much! That worked part way. 

It now properly runs this command when I call it from the command line.
    exec sh -c /usr/local/fsl/bin/Fdt_gui &

However, it the buttons in the GUI still do not work.  For some reason the command in the button is 
not executed. The button is setup just fine but pressing it does nothing. Again if I substitue the
name of an actual .exe file for Fdt$gui_ext then the button works. Here is the button code.

if { [ file exists ${FSLDIR}/tcl/fdt.tcl ] } {
     button $w.f1.fdt -text "FDT Diffusion" \
             -command { exec sh -c "${FSLDIR}/bin/Fdt$gui_ext" & }
     pack $w.f1.fdt -in $w.f1 -fill x -padx 1 -pady 1

also note that getting rid of the variables ${FSLDIR} and $gui_ext so the command line is written
-command { exec sh -c "/usr/local/fsl/bin/Fdt_gui" & }   does not work so it's not a variable
expansion issue.

So based on your suggestion I then ran d2u on every text file in this distribution I could find and 
certainly every .tcl file. (I assume it is called as d2u name_of_file? Anyway it made no difference. 

I did try substituting some commands in the Runtcl file (Fdt_gui is a link to Runtcl) which was in
the last email. Those commands do not even get executed when the button is pressed so if the
command above references a script file and not a .exe file there is something broken in how it
handles the exec sh.... call. 

again, any thoughts appreciated.


On 15 January 2007 07:04, Dave Kore wrote:
> In the older version (1.5.18-1)
>   the dialog I expect to see appears.
> In the newer version (1.5.19) I see the following errors
>> command not foundsr/local/fsl/bin/Fdt_gui: line 2:
> ': not a valid identifieri: line 4: export: `TCLTKSHELL
>> command not foundFdt_gui: line 5:
> /usr/local/fsl/bin/Fdt_gui: line 12: syntax error near unexpected token `('
> 'usr/local/fsl/bin/Fdt_gui: line 12: `set FSLDIR $env(FSLDIR)
> [1]+  Exit 2                  exec sh -c /usr/local/fsl/bin/Fdt_gui
> Any ideas would be appreciated, and please let me know if more information
> is needed.

  You have DOS line endings.  Try d2u on it.  This is a consequence of the
newer versions of bash, rather than anything that changed in the cygwin dll


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