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openssh delay (5secs) to windows XP cygwin box

Hello list,

I am running the current version of cygwin on a windows XP box (a recent
laptop), I installed openssh and I setup'ed password less authentication
(I use also privilege separation)

time ssh laptop date returns in 6seconds whereas the openssh webpage
suggest a modest hardware should do the same within 1 sec.

My problem is the delay to connect to the box. On the openssh webpage,
it is mentionned that delays above 10secs come from DNS/resolution
problems. The delay I have is 6secs and does not come from DNS issues (I
removed DNS from the way by two means. First I have put all information
into /etc/hosts and second I have UseDNS set to no in sshd_config (and I
did stop/start sshd via net stop/start sshd))

I tried to run ssh -vvv on the client side (debian linux) to see where
the process is stuck.
I also tried to run sshd in debug mode. Nothing interesting at least for
me and google.

I also tried to do the same with localhost from the windows box to
itself. This also takes 5secs. The only interesting thing I found is
that when I unplug my laptop from the network everything becomes smooth:

(laptop plugged into the corporate network)

time ssh localhost date
Mon Jan 15 17:11:27 RST 2007

real	0m6.570s
user	0m0.150s
sys	0m0.100s

(laptop unplugged from the network)

Can anybody tell me if there are some tricks to play with Windows around
this ?

thanks in advance for any help.

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