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Re: bash:fork: Resource temporarily unavailable - SOLUTION

Manfred Ursprung <manfred.ursprung <at>> writes:

> I have installed cygwin with setup version 2.510.2.2, and also put the 
> path to C:\cygwin\bin.
> I start cygwin - all is okay, command pwd is okay, when I start command "ls"
> I got the following error:
>       5 [main] bash 3268 child_copy: stack write copy failed, 
> 0x22C3B0..0x230000, done 1624, windows pid 2278084, Win32
> error 998
>    5651 [main] bash 3268 fork: child 3400 - pid 3400, exitval 0x103, 
> errno 11
> bash: fork: Resource temporarily unavailable
> How  can I solve it ?
> Regards Manfred

On my system this was caused by a product called "System Mechanic".  
Specifically, a service named "iolo DMV Service" (ioloDMVSvc.exe).  Apparently, 
this service injects code into every running process.

This service is insidious because it is not removed when "System Mechanic" is 
uninstalled.  It also hides itself from Task Manager.  Here's what I did to get 
rid of it.

First, I uninstalled "System Mechanic" using the "Add or Remove Programs" 
control panel.  Then, I ran "msconfig" and unchecked the "iolo DMV Service" 
entry on the "Services" tab.  I clicked OK to dismiss the "msconfig" window and 

I deleted what remained of the "System Mechanic" installation directory by 
removing "C:\Program Files\iolo".  Finally, I removed any traces of "System 
Mechanic" from the registry by deleting any keys that contained the 
string "iolo".

Since then, I have been able to use cygwin without error.  As a bonus, all my 
programs launch much faster too.

If you don't have "System Mechanic" on your system, look for other software 
that might perform code injection on running processes.

Hope this helps.


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