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RE: Apache how-to for cygwin

On 14 January 2007 21:30, Jay Abel wrote:

> I must have googled the wrong terms, 

  Going to google in the first place was wrong.  Cygwin comes with
documentation, you only had to look as far as your own hard drive!


  You don't actually say what you did in your experiments to get it running,
but you've probably mangled the perms on important files in the process.  (If
a file doesn't exist when you run apache for the first time, it creates that
file.  If it's running as an unexpected user, it may end up creating that file
with perms that prevent it from re-accessing the file when you later try
running apache as a different user).  Pid and log files are particularly
vulnerable to this problem, so be aware you may need to delete or chown some
of them to get it up and running when you follow the README instructions.

  BTW, a process needs to run as a user.  Trying to run it as a group
("Administrators, Users, or None") doesn't make sense.  I don't know if giving
write access to /var/run for users is a good thing either, but it's the way my
installation runs:  /var/run has rwx for user and group, the user is my
username and the group is 'Users'.

Can't think of a witty .sigline today....

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