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Apache how-to for cygwin

I must have googled the wrong terms, for the only reference I found [apparently] left out a few details. My installation of XP (home) wouldn't allow the service to run as system (it would just exit with a cryptic error from Windows that it wasn't allowed to do something vague -- I suspect it was trying to change users but I don't know for sure).

If run as another user the setup of the var directory is critical, all permissions need to be just so or it exits without starting (or giving any useful error message in the log file). Also, the paths as distributed don't agree with the ones in the howto from, I couldn't find / didn't know where to look for, a *real* cygwin version by the package maintainer.

I'm sure that such a howto exists but I just couldn't find it. Could someone who has set up apache as a service please point me to the correct document if it exists?

I did finally get it running as a service, but that required setting permissions on /var/run more permissive than I would like. Sadly on XP home, you cannot define new groups so you have to choose from Administrators, Users, or None. I don't want apache to run as an administrator for security reasons, but I'm not sure that giving write access to the /var/run directory to Users is a good thing either (am I wrong here?).

I suppose there is a way to tell apache to put its .pid file in a different directory, so this might be the best approach if I knew how to do it. (like /var/run/apache/...)

If the howto is in need of work, I'm not just complaining, but willing to work on it under the maintainer's direction if such help is needed and wanted.

I was running the native version of apache but plan to migrate this server to linux once volume picks up and didn't want a horrible job fixing things when I do that, so it seemed like a reasonable thing to switch to the cygwin version. So far, other than the problem with the /var/run directory, which I can live with, it does everything I need.

I noticed while looking that httpd2 is available, should I be thinking about using that instead? That is, are there compelling reasons to switch (such as support being dropped for version 1 or significant improvements)?


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