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Re: [patch] cygport-0.2.7 hooks for additional prep, install customization

Yaakov (Cygwin Ports) wrote:
Could you please provide a sample .cygport showing what would be
accomplished with this?

Well, there's the src_prep_init|fini_hook example used in the jpeg.cygport (from the mixed-mode-demo tarball). Again, the extra SRC_URIs are all unpacked automatically by cygport, but then the specific package .cygport has to DO something with those contents, if the extra SRC_URIs are not just .patch files.

In which case they should be in PATCH_URI, instead.

Obviously, I prefer [2], which is implemented below for the prep and
install stages.

Refresh my memory, what is the need for the src_install hooks?

rxvt-unicode-X is a good example of that:

rxvt-unicode-X has $PN = "rxvt-unicode-X" but all documentation is provided by the subpackage rxvt-unicode-common, and I want that documentation to be in
and NOT either of

cygport is rather insistent that ${P}[== ${PN}-${PV}] and subdirectories under ${P} will used throughout for docdir (it's even hardcoded in /usr/lib/cygport/bin/dodoc). And that's a good thing, for almost any package. So, rather than trying to overload the current behavior with a lot of brittle logic, I added instead a patch that allowed me to "go with the flow", and then "clean up" afterwards:

src_install_fini_hook() {
        cd ${D}
        mv usr/share/doc/${P} usr/share/doc/${BASE_PN}-${PV}

Much simpler.

src_prep_init_hook is called at the first point in src_prep that makes any sense at all, and src_prep_fini_hook is called as the very last act of src_prep.

src_install_init_hook is called as the very first act of 'install)' -- even before __prepinstalldirs. I'm not sure what good this will do, but it's there for symmetry. (and if it came after __prepinstalldirs, then those customizations should go at the top of src_install() anyway!)

As for src_install_fini_hook -- well, sometimes you need to take care of business AFTER src_postinst() does its thing:
__prepdoc && __prepetc && __prepman && __prepstrip

Now, rxvt-unicode-X.cygport depends on the mixed-mode patch, the "hooks" patch, and "multiple postinstall/preremove scripts" patch. The rxvt.cygport uses both
and src_install_fini_hook().

I've put hooks-demo.tar.bz2 here:
It contains:


Note that the src_prep_init_hook() runs a script contained in the zipfile. That script is a little chatty, the following (encountered during 'cygport ... prep' is not an error:

Appending include to rxvt.h
Adding uwc.o to Makefile and
grep: Makefile: No such file or directory
sed: can't read Makefile: No such file or directory
Transforming files to use u_ versions of multi-byte functions
Removing identical copies of transformed files
command.C ../command.C differ: char 5505, line 202
init.C ../init.C differ: char 15335, line 557
main.C ../main.C differ: char 2354, line 65
misc.C ../misc.C differ: char 1423, line 32
rxvt.h ../rxvt.h differ: char 21316, line 689
rxvtfont.C ../rxvtfont.C differ: char 14456, line 427
screen.C ../screen.C differ: char 25445, line 851
Saving original versions of transformed files to sav/
Copying transformed versions to ./



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