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Re: [patch] cygport-0.2.7 hooks for additional prep, install customization

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Charles Wilson wrote:
> [implementation details]
> [1] Possibiliyt: remove the readonly protection on the existing,
> internal, automation functions (like __prep_installdir or src_prep).
> This is a really bad idea: some of these functions (especially the __*
> ones) are NOT part of cygport's public interface, and are subject to
> change in later releases -- a .cygport file that redefines these is
> brittle with respect to future releases of the cygport framework.

Exactly why they must be marked readonly.

> Others, like src_prep(), are large, complicated, and must NOT be changed
> in any appreciable way, because other functions in cygport depend on
> stuff being "just so".  .cygport files that redefine these functions
> will ALSO be brittle -- and worse, could break things with respect to
> later cygport framework releases that are hard to identify.  Finally,
> carrying around duplicate copies (one in cygport itself, the other in
> the .cygport file) with only minor difference is a silly waste. IMNSHO.

src_prep is not a public interface function either.  I should go through
and rename this and perhaps other functions so that it's clear what's
public API.  (Of course, if cygport were better documented...)

> [2] Possibility: supply additional customization/extension points to
> allow the end user more flexibility to customize certain aspects of the
> automated "tedious steps" when necessary.  Without, mind you, obligating
> .cygport files to carry around lots of redundant copies of functions
> defined in the main cygport framework, nor overriding functions which
> are *supposed* to be internal implementation details of the cygport
> framework itself.

Could you please provide a sample .cygport showing what would be
accomplished with this?

> Obviously, I prefer [2], which is implemented below for the prep and
> install stages.

Refresh my memory, what is the need for the src_install hooks?

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