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Re: activestate perl on cygwin

Kevin T Cella wrote:
Actually, being technical about this and looking at your OP there is no question there at all! Search for it. Look for a question mark. There is none. There is merely the sentence "Please advise" and that's what you got!
Congratulations! I was wondering when someone would point that out; and for the record, "?".
"I can't use this pair of pliers to tow this boat. Please advise". - Well how about cha use a tow instead?
Accurate and appropriate too!
My operating system is Windows and therefore many of my applications are only compatible with Windows.
Extremely shorted sighted I might add. I IM'ed recently with a former colleague of mine, fellow contractor since turned perm. The client, the largest privately held mortgage company mine you, had invested heavily in Clearcase and Clearquest software all running on Windows servers. They insisted up and down that all servers, and clients for that matter, will be Windows based. Thus the Clearquest team dutifully went off programming away hooks to Clearquest in Visual Basic. Anyways, my colleague now informs me that they need to translate all their VB code over to Perl because Linux is making inroads now. Sure they could and probably will base it off of ActiveState Perl (indeed Rational's Perl is based off of ActiveState) but the point of this little story is that you are short sighted if you believe that the only platform you'll encounter and thus need to deal with is Windows...
In order to interact with the application through their SDKs, I need to use Win32 modules.
As has been pointed out to you already there is Win32 modules for Cygwin's Perl.
I gave you an answer for your "short term solution". If you insist on using a Windows oriented product such as ActiveState then fire up cmd and type in Windows specific path names to your Windows only ActiveState Perl scripts. Where's the problem?
I'm lazy, it's inconvenient.
The lazy person will also cite convenience when using a plier as hammer. Fine. Just don't complain when it doesn't turn out as expected.
That example I can simply handle in the application, but I mean more when I invoke the script. When it is in my $PATH and I type, the full path is expanded and passed to the interpreter with cygwin style paths.
Although this is thorough off topic, perhaps you can explain it better to me as I don't use ActiveState therefore I don't see what you are claiming. Exactly which "full path" is expanded to "what" and passed to (guess) ActiveState Perl interpreter as, again, what? Is it $0 that you speak of that may be a Cygwin path? I'm confused however if it is $0 then why couldn't that also be handled in the Perl script?

Andrew DeFaria <>
Clones are people two.

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