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Re: cygwin-email utility clipping attached zips

Matt Wozniski wrote:

> > email user@example -s test -a "$(sh -c 'IFS=,; echo "$*"' -- *.pdf)" \
> >                 <sample.txt
> But that won't work for files with commas in the name!  (Rare, but it
> can happen...)  I'd prefer something like

This still works fine for filenames with commas since it uses $* which
joins the positional parameters which have already been split (before
the subprocess was even invoked), before IFS is changed to ",".

But if a filename has a comma in its name then it is impossible to
express it as a list of comma-separated filenames without some form of
quoting.  And I doubt that the email program has backslash-escape
parsing logic for this very rare case (but I haven't checked.) 
Regardless, this:

> email user@example -s test -a "$(ls -1 *.pdf | tr '\n' ',' )" < sample.txt

...does not solve the problem either.  You get the same output as above,
except with an erronious trailing ",".


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