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Re: activestate perl on cygwin

Kevin T Cella wrote:
Offer an alternative. As I mentioned in my original post, I got this script online. In using it I found it was not sufficient, I started this thread in the hopes that someone would provide me with a better wrapper script. Instead I got a bunch of replies about how it is a bad idea to use Activestate with cygwin.
But it is a bad idea to use ActiveState under Cygwin. Would you prefer if we lied to you?
My scripts are written to make my life on Windows easier, so that means using Windows specific code to automate common tasks.
But you really don't need to do such things in a "Windows specific" way! I used to run my whole domain under Cygwin. Apache for my web server, exim for a mail server, Cygwin's own inetutils for ftp, ssh, etc. Everything ran fine albeit a bit slower due to the fact that Cygwin is an emulation environment.

Eventually I got another box and initially installed SuSE on it and moved over all my scripts and processes. Porting was minimal at best because I grew up on HP-UX actually in a Unix environment and just thought that way. Later I moved to Fedora Core 3 which is what I have today.

But again, the point is that I use scripts to make my life easier too. And my scripts were written with a Unix mentality to start with and leaned on Cygwin to provide that Unix/Linux/Posix style environment. My scripts are useful and work well and ported with minimal effort.

Just because you're one a Windows box doesn't mean you have to code like Microsoft!
Ideally I'd prefer to stay in a pure Linux environment, but for reasons I do not need to go into, I am stuck with Windows.
Again, that's the whole point of Cygwin at least to me. You can be "stuck with Windows" and still think with a Unix/Linux mindset and get even more useful work done with less effort.
It was my understanding that the intent of this mailing list was to offer a place to discuss issues involving cygwin and develop solutions to those problems.
And if the real, long term, more portable solution is to use a Cygwin based, thus more normal Perl...

BTW you never told me what setsid does under ActiveState Perl...
Seeing as I do not have a whole lot of free time to research a better solution, I hoped a quick answer would be provided via this medium.
Answers were provided to you. Apparently they don't tickle your fancy. People have commented on that wrapper script that you posted. I still don't see what your problem is. If your Perl script expects C:\mydir\foo.dat then give it C:\mydir\foo.dat. Of course you'll need to do that under a cmd shell or, for Cygwin's bash shell you'll need to double the backslashes (C:\\mydir\\foo.dat) or use forward slashes (C:/mydir/foo.dat). If you insist on giving your Perl script /cygdrive/c/mydir/foo.dat then perhaps your Perl script should expect that and translate it. A quick Perl subroutine to do that shouldn't be that hard to code.
While I appreciate the suggestions that have been made on this thread, I want to install two copies of the perl interpreter or port my existing scripts to cygwin as that appears to be the compromise. Are there any other ideas?
I don't think there is anything stopping an ActiveState Perl script to call a simple Perl subroutine that translates any Cygwin style paths to paths that ActiveState likes seeing.


Andrew DeFaria <>
I want to die peacefully in my sleep like my grandfather... Not screaming and yelling like the passengers in his car.

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