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RE: activestate perl on cygwin

> <>.  Thanks.

Seeing as I do not know how to configure this, I cannot oblige.

>> Offer an alternative. As I mentioned in my original post, I got this
>> script online. In using it I found it was not sufficient, I started this
>> thread in the hopes that someone would provide me with a better wrapper
>> script.

> I did.  <>.

This also does not appear to work for the example I gave.

> ... there is nothing Cygwin-specific about writing such a wrapper
> script.  As I said, any good bash tutorial would have contained enough
> information for you to write one.  Since this is not a bash support list,
> discussion of techniques for making such scripts work is off-topic.

That's debatable, the distinction is vague at best.

> Besides, it's been discussed to death at least 3 times that I recall --
> and it's all in the archives of this very list.  The script in my message
> above has definitely been posted before, and even in a similar context.
> In fact, that discussion is the 5th match when searching the list archives
> for "activestate wrapper", and the 1st (yes, first) match when Googling
> for "activestate wrapper inurl:ml" (or even for
> "activestate wrapper cygwin").  That's why we have the web archives -- to
> hopefully avoid rehashing the same issues over and over again.

>> Seeing as I do not have a whole lot of free time to research a better
>> I hoped a quick answer would be provided via this medium.

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