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Re: windows bluescreens while looking for ANSI C headers

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Larry Hall (Cygwin) wrote:
> Morgan Gangwere wrote:
>> Hash: SHA1
>> Larry Hall (Cygwin) wrote:
>>> Morgan Gangwere wrote:
>>>> bug #2
>>>> Make reports that it Cant find the ANSI C headers while compiling GnuPG
>>>> (this makes no sense to me because i have all the dev packages
>>>> installed).
>>>> partial output:
>>>> [clip]
>>>> Making sure you can build shared objects with ln.exe... ok
>>>> checking for ANSI C headers...
>>>> [blue screen]
>>>> i have yet to be able to understand _why_ this is occurring...
>>> Typical causes are buggy drivers or an O/S (kernel) bug.  My money is
>>> on the former.  Try uninstalling any spyware or virus software you have
>>> and see if the problem goes away.
>> tried that my friend. ClamAV is disabled and Spybot S&D (and the
>> resident) are stopped and killed.
>> I've also tried running sh -x configure and it still fails
> Turning these things off is not enough.  You have to uninstall them.
> Otherwise, they will still be active in the network stack.  Try
> uninstalling them.  Also, there are other buggy hardware drivers.
> Logitec webcams are one known culprit.  Unfortunately, you're
> going to need to experiment to find out what driver on your system
> is causing the problems you're seeing.
> FWIW, I expect ClamAV isn't the culprit but that's just my WAG.  I
> wouldn't let that dissuade you from including it in your experimentation.

i am using a NetGear Mobile adapter with NG's driver. i have also tried
running spybot S&D in "dead mode" - a completely scan-of-the-drive only mode

another thing that I do have is the _windows_ firewall... i have no way
of removing that (sans for going back to 98, OC...) though I can DISABLE
it to some extent (when it says "something is trying to talk to the net!
 i'm gonna block it until you say otherwise!" i tell it to unblock and
go away)... i doubt this is the culprit though i have no Way of Testing

one note is that when i try to build on my main WinXP machine (never
touches the net etc.) i get the same results. i have disabled the
Windows Firewall by using GoAwaySP2Firewall.. this however does not make
life any simpler..

is this an issue with the configure script or make?
Version: GnuPG v1.4.6 (MingW32)


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