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RE: My experience build the 2.6.17 kernel under Cygwin

On 09 January 2007 18:01, Gabriel Goldstein wrote:

> 2.  Cygwin does not appear to handle the advanced file system mechanics
> to support mknod properly.  This may be a specific thing to my
> situation, but my dev kit had a sample file system.  It would not untar
> into cygwin without a seg fault. 

  Can you narrow it down to a tarball containing just a single file?  Or is it
a fairly small tarchive?

>  My workaround was to basically do this
> on a VM Ware / RH machine.  Annoying, but it did work.  What I may
> suggest is a way to have a real linux file system that you can 'mount'
> and provide this functionality.

  This one gets raised every so often, but it's not really a cygwin issue.  It
requires a windows filesystem driver that knows how to mount a linux
filesystem.  That's a device driver, whereas cygwin is all user-mode
application; if you have such a driver on your machine, the linux drive will
show up in windows and have a drive letter, and will automatically be
availably through /cygdrive/letter.

  (Yes, it would be *possible* to provide a cygwin filesystem driver that runs
in usermode, and just uses ioctls to do raw sector reads and writes.  Maybe
porting FUSE to cygwin would be the way to go at some stage....)

Can't think of a witty .sigline today....

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