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RE: Fw: help win winxp install

On 09 January 2007 17:57, Morgan Gangwere wrote:

> this was a good 6 months ago, and i cant get acess to my log books (im
> at school, and my log books were kept by the client). IMIR what is the
> more pressing issue is that _we_ should provide a script that
> _nightly_ (im serious) gets the latest files.

  First off, all the mirrors are autonomous and not under our control.  We cannot force them to stick to any particular update schedule.  That is their prerogative.

  Secondly, they almost all probably use rsync.  We wouldn't need to provide a script, just a single command-line.

> an _example_ of how the mirrors have been different is that I have
> found different version numbers for all of the mirrors that host
> X/Cygwin (a big part of what i am doing) so i cant be shure what
> version is going to be distributed!
> am i clear at this point?

  Still not, I'm afraid.

  As long as they all have the "curr", "prev" and "exp" versions, nothing else matters.

  In particular, it does not matter if some of them retain older versions for much longer than others, because you will never be offered those versions by setup.exe.

  Your problem is that you're browsing the mirror site using an html or ftp client, and you're getting confused by the structure and conventions, and mistaking non-issues for problems.  The mirrors are designed to be accessed by setup.exe, and unless /that/ does something wrong, there is no problem.

Can't think of a witty .sigline today....

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