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Re: Fw: help win winxp install

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According to Morgan Gangwere on 1/9/2007 10:57 AM:
> an _example_ of how the mirrors have been different is that I have
> found different version numbers for all of the mirrors that host
> X/Cygwin (a big part of what i am doing) so i cant be shure what
> version is going to be distributed!
> am i clear at this point?

No.  A clear example would be listing the exact mirrors that you are
trying to download from, and the exact version numbers of the file that
you claim differs between those two mirrors.

And keep in mind that the list of mirrors is automatically pruned - any
mirror that is found to be more than 48 hours old is not advertised by
setup.exe (other than the fact that setup.exe remembers the last mirror
you used, even if that mirror went stale).  So once you realize that
various mirrors have different update schedules, they should all be within
a day of each other.  And if it really matters to have the same version
across your entire distribution, then pick just one mirror.

And since the cygwin X port is currently looking for a maintainer, I
highly doubt you are seeing mirror discrepancies there - the collection of
X packages has not had an update in a couple of months, so you are pretty
much getting the latest version no matter what mirror you use, unless you
happen to point setup.exe to a non-standard mirror that is out of date.

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