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My experience build the 2.6.17 kernel under Cygwin

First I must say I love Cygwin.  I have a few guys here with VM Ware and
Redhat for development.  I've been reluctant to go down that path
because of the resources it takes up.  So when it came to my first shot
at kernel targeting, I decided to give Cygwin a run.  While most
everything worked quite well, I did want to make a concise list of the
issues I had because I found no such list.

1.  The international lib reference is missing from the kconfig make
file.  Even compiling with KBUILD_HAVE_NLS=no won't get past this.  I
also suspect its missing references to ncurses.  This was my first
hurdle, but modifying the kconfig make file got make xconfig to work.  I
don't know if this is across the board (normal Linux) or not.

Line 133
HOSTLOADLIBES_mconf	+= -lintl

2.  Cygwin does not appear to handle the advanced file system mechanics
to support mknod properly.  This may be a specific thing to my
situation, but my dev kit had a sample file system.  It would not untar
into cygwin without a seg fault.  My workaround was to basically do this
on a VM Ware / RH machine.  Annoying, but it did work.  What I may
suggest is a way to have a real linux file system that you can 'mount'
and provide this functionality.

In general the kernel built great, but from what I can tell, building
file systems is still something to be left of a full linux box.

If anyone has any other suggestions or thoughts on this, I'd like to
hear them because I'd really like to stay all on Cygwin.



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