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Re: `setfacl -m u:jdoe:rwx foo` returns 0, but file not writable by jdoe??

On Sun 1/7/07 12:23 +0100 wrote:
> On Jan  5 13:34, Tom Rodman wrote:
> > Admittedly, this may be going "outside the cygwin perms model" a bit:
> > 
> > In the below test case file 'foo' has it's RO file attribute set, then has
> > it's owner changed to someone other than the current user, has the posix
> > group set to None, the DACL protected, and all aces removed from the DACL.
> > 
> > Next step is to run this (assumes we are user 'jdoe' [an administrator]):
> > 
> >   setfacl -m u:jdoe:rwx foo
> > 
> > Above command returns 0 but jdoe can not write.  The cause appears to
> > be that the windows RO file attribute is not unset by setfacl.
> I see the point.  That old DOS R/O attribute is SO crappy on a file
> system which supports real permissions.  Oh well...

theory - these 2 steps will make *any* windows NTFS file,
no matter what it's owner, group,  perms, or file attributes are,
writable by user "jdoe" (assuming it's not "in use"):

  setfacl -m u:jdoe:rwx foo 
    # running as administrator "jdoe"
  cmd /c attrib -R foo 
    # setacl step above allows the 'attrib' to work for user "jdoe"

I appreciate the power in setfacl. :->


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