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Re: having problems with getting Up and Runnign

Morgan Gangwere wrote:
i have been using cygwin for some time now and found a problem.
i installed irssi with cygwin static and have now decided to run real cygwin.
here is hte proccess i went through:
1. install irssi
2. use irssi
3. decide I want real cygwin
4. download and Install cygwin (setting the install path to C:\cygwin\
and the temp to C:\cygtemp\ )
4. uninstall irssi
5. attempt to use cygwin

when I run Cygwin.bat i get the following:
"Bash: Bash - command not found"
aparrently, from what i have seen is that bash runs itself in order to
check variables and to run ~/.bashrc
this is a problem apparently related to the process that i used
how do i fix this?

You're best bet? <>

A WAG is that you should re-run "setup.exe" and choose "Reinstall" for all.
If you choose to try my WAG before consulting
<>, please consult it if my WAG doesn't work
out for you.

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A: Yes.
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