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[ANNOUNCEMENT] Updated: autoconf2.5-2.61-1

Autoconf is an extensible package of m4 macros that produce shell scripts to automatically configure software source code packages. The autoconf2.5 package contains the latest edition of autoconf in the 2.5x release sequence (which includes 2.60, 2.61, etc).

This has been a test: release since 2006-11-21 (and I've been using it exclusively since then) with no reported problems except an incompatibility with the cygport package (now resolved).

Changes (autoconf2.5-2.60-2 ---> autoconf2.5-2.61-1)

* update to latest upstream release
  + see list of upstream changes below
* requires autoconf-4-1 or better (wrapper)

Test results:
294 tests behaved as expected.
3 tests were skipped.

Charles Wilson
autoconf volunteer maintainer for cygwin


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system.  Then, run setup and answer all of the questions.


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Major changes in Autoconf 2.61 (2006-11-17) ======================================================= ** New macros AC_C_FLEXIBLE_ARRAY_MEMBER, AC_C_VARARRAYS. ** AC_ARG_ENABLE and AC_ARG_WITH now allow '.' in feature and package names.

   Autoconf-generated shell scripts no longer export BIN_SH, due to
   configuration hassles with this.  Installers who need BIN_SH in
   their environment should set it before invoking 'configure' and
   'make'.  As far as we know, this affects only Unixware installations.

** Obsolescent macros
   The documentation now says that the following macros are obsolescent,
   as they are superseded by Gnulib:

   New programs should use the Gnulib counterparts of these macros.
   We have no current plans to remove them from Autoconf.

** AC_COMPUTE_INT no longer caches or reports results.
** AC_CHECK_DECL now also works with aggregate objects.
   NonStop platforms.
** GNU M4 1.4.7 or later is now recommended.
** m4_maketemp
   Now an alias for m4_mkstemp.
** The check for C99 now tests for varargs macros, as documented.
   It also tests that the preprocessor supports 64-bit integers.
** Autoconf now uses constructs like "#ifdef HAVE_STDLIB_H" rather than
   "#if HAVE_STDLIB_H", so that it now works with "gcc -Wundef -Werror".
** The functionality of the undocumented _AC_COMPUTE_INT is now provided
   by a public and documented macro, AC_COMPUTE_INT.  The parameters to
   the two macros are different, so autoupdate will not change the old
   private name to the new one.  _AC_COMPUTE_INT may be removed in
   a future release.
   that long long types be at least 64 bits wide, as C99 and tradition
   requires.  Formerly, they accepted implementations of any width.

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