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RE: Compile-time detection of EOL translation mode (CLISP)

On 04 January 2007 18:58, Aaron Brown wrote:

> Dave Korn wrote:

>>  What is the /end/ result you're trying to achieve here?
> When CLISP does text output, it opens the file in binary
> mode and does EOL translation itself, according to the
> requested line terminator mode.  For instance, the following
> function writes a file with LF, CRLF, or CR EOLs depending
> on whether its argument is :unix, :dos, or :mac.

> That works exactly as intended.  

  Good, and indeed, CLISP should probably not care either way about the mount
mode on which it writes these files, because that's the whole point of
textmounts: to provide a way for the user to instruct cygwin (the kernel,
effectively) to override the application's choice at a lower level when

> My problem is that if I
> don't specify a :line-terminator, :dos is used instead of
>> unix.  (This is controlled by *default-file-encoding*,
> which itself is set by line 2571 of encoding.d when CLISP is
> compiled.)  

  Ok, that is simply the wrong default, and I think it is /that/ which needs
to be fixed.

> The reason I expect :unix to be the default
> rather than :dos is that when I ran the Cygwin setup.exe, I
> selected the "Unix / binary (RECOMMENDED)" radio button
> under "Default Text File Type".  Is this expectation
> unwarranted?

  Yes, it is really; unless CLISP used some compile-time autoconf test to
figure this out and adjust that default you mentioned, how else could it make
a difference?

> The one-sentence version of the problem: CLISP writes
> newlines as "\r\n" by default, when I want the default to be
> "\n".
> I could just specify :unix every time, but that's a hassle
> and is (as far as I can tell) impossible with standard
> output.

  This smacks of a build/packaging error to me, but perhaps it was a
deliberate decision; we need to hear from the CLISP maintainer.  Without
having looked into building CLISP, I don't know whether it would just need an
option when configuring or a #define patched into the source somewhere.

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