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Re: rpm-build-4.1-1 incompatible with tar-1.16.1-1

Christopher Faylor <cgf-use-the-mailinglist-please <at>> writes:
> I'm struggling to understand what "tar" has to do with rpm.  I think
> you probably need to do more debugging of this situation.

Please take a look at the -t parameter of rpmbuild:

The argument  used is -b if a spec file is being used to build the package and -t
if rpmbuild should look inside of a (possibly compressed) tar file for the spec
file to use.

rpmbuild does this by calling tar xzf tarname.tar.gz *.spec -O > tmp/1234.spec
but *.spec needs --wildcards.

Dave Korn <dave.korn <at>> writes:
> That's not what it looks like to me.  Look at that stray ": m" at the end of
> the line.  It looks to me like you have a stray CR-LF line-ending somewhere,
> and the error message is partially self-overwriting.

I think this comes from all the pipes and so, the output is corrupted.
Whenever I manually extract the specfile from the tar.gz (see above command) and
build it it seems to work.

You can reproduce the effect by creating a tar (test.tar.gz) containing the
following file: test.spec
Name: test
Version: 0
Release: 0
Summary: test
Group: test/test
License: GPL


And then calling: rpmbuild -ta test.tar.gz

Thanks in advance,

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