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Re: vim mlcscope interface issues

Just a update on the result of compiling cscope (which requires flex
and libncurses-devel).  The same error is gotten as that with

cs_read_prompt EOF: No error

  E609: Cscope error:
  cscope: cannot read trailer offset from file cscope.out

I also tried cscope from the command line.  Without options, cscope
tends to update cscope.out even though there are no newer files.  This
means that if you don't specify non-C-filenames, it will find nothing,
and generate a rather empty cscope.out.  So cscope must be invoked
together with the source filenames e.g. for matlab files, "cscope
*.m".  In this case it properly regenerates cscope.out, even though it
isn't necessary, and even without the -u option.  In this, cscope
finds any searched-for symbols as expected.

One revealing result occurs when "cscope -d" is issued.  This should
force cscope to not regenerate the perfectly good cscope.out, which
may already exist from a preceding "cscope -b -u *.m" or "cscope *.m".
Instead of working as expected, cscope gives the same error as above:

cscope: cannot read trailer offset from file cscope.out

I have to call it quits for today.  I may pick it up again, or simply
revert to vimgrep.  Thanks for any feedback.


On 1/2/07, Fred Ma <> wrote:
If this shows up more than once, I apologize.  Gmail is telling me it
didn't get sent (twice), and it doesn't show up on the mailing list
archive, though that may be due to transit delay.

I'm ran into hanging problems with the the following combination,
updated today:

   cygwin   1.5.23-2
   vim      7.0.122-1
   mlcscope 14.1.8-2

The problem had to do with shelling out to build the cscope database
via "mlcscope -b -u *".  I specified the files "*" because I had
Matlab files; Matlab is ont a recognized language, so the files would
not be acted on by default.  I think the problem arose because "*"
also included the output file being built (cscope.out), so it
cscope.out kept get bigger as it analyzed itself.  Narrowing the files
down to "*.m" restricted the files to Matlab files only, and bypassed
that hanging problem.

However, I get the following error trying to add the connection to

cs_read_prompt EOF: No error

   E609: Cscope error:
   mlcscope: cannot read trailer offset from file cscope.out

The only reference I've found to it is

I don't have cscope on my system, so that's not the explanation.  I
also have cscopeprg=/usr/bin/mlcscope.

I'll be downloading cscope as my next step.  Since I've gotten
vim/cscope to work on solaris before, I'm hopeful that it will be

I'm curious as to whether there has been any succcess or failures with
the current cygwin/vim/mlcscope combination, which will hint at
whether it is my setup or not.

Date: Sun, 15 Oct 2006 17:03:42 -0500
From: Dave & Diane <daveanddiane at kringlecottage dot com>
Subject: Re: vim mlcscope interface issues
Delivered-To: mailing list cygwin at cygwin dot com

Interesting find. Looks like I'll have to work with the vim folks to see
if they will add support for mlcscope. It is a completely different
version than cscope, but the interface is generically the same so I
don't think it would be too difficult to add support in vim and fix
if_cscope.c to support both.

In the meantime, if you don't have sourceforge cscope installed, you
might try creating a symbol link called cscope and see if that works too.

Frodak wrote:
Over the last several days I've been trying to use vim
with mlcscope and have come to the conclusion that the
two won't place nice.  Whenever performing a ":cs find
..." vim would hang until I killed the mlcscope
process.  I couldn't find anything on-line about
compatibly issues between the two.  I downloaded
sourceforge cscope and had no issues with it working
with vim.

I've decided to look at the vim source file
if_cscope.c line 633 and changed it to key off of the
string "mlcscope" instead of "cscope" it started to

Anyways, I thought I'd mention it because I had such a
tough time with it.

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