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Re: cygwin won't run, missing cygintl-8.dll file

On Tue, Jan 02, 2007 at 05:10:10AM -0500, Charli Li wrote:
>Gary Richardson just had to cough out the following stream of bytes from
>the specified email client, on 1/2/2007 5:06 AM:
>> Hello,
>>         I've installed cywin before on XP and had no problem.
>>         I've just installed cygwin 1.5.23-2 on Windows XP and when I
>> went to run it I received the msg "Application failed to start because
>> cygintl-8.dll was not found. Reinstalling application may fix this
>> problem." I tried that and it didn't.
>>         I have tried Google and the web and searched the mailing
>> archives but have not found an answer. Could I have a pointer so as to
>> find where to go to fix this. Thanks in advance
>Using Windows Explorer, look in C:\cygwin\bin (or wherever else you
>installed it) and check to see if any .dll files have instead.
> Rename those that do and run Cygwin again.

Actually, it is safer to just reboot your system, which will cause those
dlls to be renamed automatically.  If you still have this error then go
to , search for the package which contains
this file and install it by rerunning setup.exe.


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