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Re: Help running bash scripts

Amar wrote:
Dave Korn <dave.korn <at>> writes:

On 22 November 2006 05:24, David Christensen wrote:

Thierry wrote:
running a simple sh script(
# test
$ ./
command not found
Get this book:

"test" is a Bash built-in command ("man bash"; see CONDITIONAL EXPRESSIONS). Avoid using that keyword in Bash scripts and anywhere else Bash might trip over it (such as script and program names).
  "test" != "".  No confusion is at all possible.  Bash is not DOS and
does not attempt to append .exe/.com/.bat extensions to every command filename
entered, and nor does it try appending .sh either.


Hi, I have little bit different problem. I install cygwin with bash and when i
try to run so,simple unix command and it says command bot found. It doesn't know
commands like ls, man, sh, gcc etc.. so can anyone tell me what is the problem??
I install all the packages.

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