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Re: Cygwin > 1.5.18-1 fails on network and removable drives

On Nov 30 00:53, Ken Turner wrote:
> Thanks for the suggestion about running strace. My home directory is accessed as
> a Windows share (drive H:) via SMB from a Unix server (TAS). Here is a typical
> sequence using the latest version of all Cygwin components:
> kjt:/c cd /h
> kjt:/h echo $CYGWIN
> ntsec nosmbntsec
> kjt:/h ls
> ls: reading directory .: Permission denied
> The full strace for this is below. The only indication I can see that something
> is wrong is in the following lines:
>    40   49809 [main] ls 780 path_conv::check: this->path(C:\), has_acls(1)
>   145   49954 [main] ls 780 fhandler_disk_file::readdir: 0 = readdir (0x6748B8,
> 0x22C6D4) (..)
>   628   50582 [main] ls 780 geterrno_from_win_error: windows error 5 == errno 13
>    47   50629 [main] ls 780 fhandler_disk_file::readdir: 13 = readdir (0x6748B8,
> 0x22C6D4) (***)
>    38   50667 [main] ls 780 __set_errno: dirent* readdir(DIR*):160 val 13
> As noted before, Cygwin up to and including 1.5.18-1 work fine, but later
> versions fail on network drives. Does the strace output give any hint what's
> wrong? Thanks!

Unfortunately this doesn't help.  It just shows that there's an
access denied error.  It doesn't explain why you get it.  Sorry.


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