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Re: [Packaging error ?] Re: [ANNOUNCEMENT] Updated: git-

Igor Peshansky <pechtcha <at>> writes:

> > >
> > > The contents of /usr/lib/perl5/site_perl/5.8/cygwin/auto/Git/.packlist
> > > doesn't look right.
> >
> > According to cygcheck -l, it was only git- that had site_perl
> > problems.  I thought I fixed all of them with git-, since it
> > correctly uses vendor_perl.  But yes, I can reproduce that after
> > upgrading from -1 to -2, the buggy file in site_perl was not deleted;
> > perhaps setup.exe has a bug in deleting .files mentioned in package
> > lists?
> I'd be surprised if setup.exe had that bug, since it handles base-files
> updates just fine...

On second analysis, it does indeed look like a packaging bug on my part.  I had 
several runs in trying to create -2, and apparently ran 'cygport package' 
before fixing the Makefile, then reran 'cygport install' but forgot to 
rerun 'cygport package'.  I'll have to spin a -3 release later today (as well 
as the new upstream findutils-4.3.2).  Sorry for the confusion.

Eric Blake

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