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Re: 1.5.22: Error from anything using the cygwin dll

>DaveK wrote:
>You wouldn't by any chance be using any kind of firewall or
>security packages, would you?  Something by Norton/McAffee,

I am using outpost pro but that is not started in safe mode with
network where Cygwin produces the errors described. 
Cygwin only works for me in safe mode without network.
I guess that source can be ruled out.

>Christopher Faylor wrote:
>And, this wouldn't be a situation of multiple cygwins on the
>would it?

Nope. Searched the hdd for any duplicate cyg*dll files for the
sake of it. None present.

>And, as has been previously requested, cygcheck output would be

If you read my original post in this thread you'll see that I
attached the ouput of cygcheck -s -v -r.
I know cygcheck doesn't use cygwin1.dll. It produces the error
running id.exe, though. I just closed the message box and let
it finnish anyway.

>DaveK wrote:
>Or Logitech.  Never let us forget Logitech.  Never let us forget
>and their truly wondrous "process monitor".  How anyone ever
managed to get ...

I'm using a logitech mouse but the default windows driver and
no extra logitech blowware ;)

>Larry Hall wrote:
>I'm betting on virus scanners/firewalls or some
network driver.

My av software is not startet in safe mode with networking. 
Neither is my firewall.
I'll try removing the drivers for my wifi card as well as 
for the onboard lan card temporarely.
I think it must boil down to something like that as cygwin
works in safe mode without networking.

>Bryan Dessent wrote:
>The clincher for me is when he said it works in safe mode
>networking, but not in safe mode with networking... Kind of
>"shoddy VPN client" or somesuch.

Right. I have no VPN client, though, and only essential system
services are started in safe mode with networking so as mentioned
I guess it more or less boils down to a driver issue.
I'll report the result when I've tried removing the network 

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