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Re: Installation problem(?) for grace: HOW DO I GET old xorgs? wrote:
> Looks like initially a path problem, plus an X-problem
> I found out that at least one of the reasons grace and gracebat would not run
> from the DOS command line
Oh! You never said anything about cmd.exe. Naturally cygwin links only
work in a cygwin shell. bash, ash, zsh, tcsh, ... pick your poison.

> was that the directory for  cygX11R6.dll was not in the path. I fixed that and
> also put the actual path for gracebat
Well, using cygwin.bat would have solved that for you too. (And would
have given you a nice bash prompt.)

> . c:cygwinusrsharegracebin before c:cygwinbin, so  a command would look
Looks really funny, you lost your backslashes in the mail ;)

> for the actual executables
>  before the symlinks. 
> So I run
> c:mydir> c:cygwinusrsharegracebingracebat test.dat -hdevice JPEG
> -printfile gtest.jpg
> or
> c:mydir> gracebat test.dat -hdevice JPEG -printfile gtest.jpg
> It runs instantly, but produced NO file gtest.jpg
> (Before adding the actual executable directory to the path before the bin, it
> just hung there)
> Also, if I try to run grace by clicking on its icon(not the symlink), it does
> nothing
> If I run
> c:mydir> grace
> it does nothing
No wonder, half of it's paths are missing. Start it from a shell ...

> but if I do
> c:mydir> ash
> $grace
>  I get back 
> grace>1

like you did here.

> If I do 
> c:mydir> xmgrace
> I get  Can't open display
> Failed initializing GUI, exiting
> So, it looks like an X-problem. How do I go about  solving it?Αρχικό μήνυμα από

The X-problem seems to be that the X-server is not running. Try using
startxwin.bat. (This one actually works if you "click" on it.) *shudder*


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