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Re: Cygwin-installed /etc/profile supplied appears to be DOS-type text file

Thanks. Indeed, I conclude that I must have edited /etc/profile long, long ago (before I understood that this is not advisable), and saved it in DOS-style format. I see in various discussions that bash has recently been made intolerant of DOS-style line endings, explaining my observation. (I'll delete my hand-altered /etc/profile and let it be overwritten by the official Cygwin version.) Rex

On 26/11/2006 22:21, Dave Korn wrote:
On 26 November 2006 14:33, Rex Godby wrote:

After updating Cygwin today (26 November 2006), the installed version of
/etc/profile appeared to become a DOS-type text file rather than a Unix-type
text file.  That caused severe problems (e.g. "unknown command") when
starting up the Cygwin login shell.  Correcting the file type back to Unix
seems to have solved the problem.

There aint no CRs in the one I just downloaded:

  Is it possible you've made local modifications to your /etc/profile, so it
no longer gets upgraded by setup.exe?


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