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Installation problem(?) for grace: HOW DO I GET old xorgs?

Looks like initially a path problem, plus an X-problem

I found out that at least one of the reasons grace and gracebat would not run
from the DOS command line
was that the directory for  cygX11R6.dll was not in the path. I fixed that and
also put the actual path for gracebat
. c:cygwinusrsharegracebin before c:cygwinbin, so  a command would look
for the actual executables
 before the symlinks. 
So I run
c:mydir> c:cygwinusrsharegracebingracebat test.dat -hdevice JPEG
-printfile gtest.jpg
c:mydir> gracebat test.dat -hdevice JPEG -printfile gtest.jpg

It runs instantly, but produced NO file gtest.jpg

(Before adding the actual executable directory to the path before the bin, it
just hung there)

Also, if I try to run grace by clicking on its icon(not the symlink), it does
If I run
c:mydir> grace
it does nothing

but if I do
c:mydir> ash

 I get back 

If I do 
c:mydir> xmgrace
I get  Can't open display
Failed initializing GUI, exiting

So, it looks like an X-problem. How do I go about  solving it?Αρχικό μήνυμα από

> Ok, thanks and sorry for including raw emails. Now
> 1) I removed all mingw from the path, rebooted, ran ash, /bin/rebaseall
> and rebooted
> cat still works
> grace and gracebat do not(no complaints, but they produce nothing)
> 2) Do other x-programs work? I tried xterm and got back cygX11-6.dll not
> found
> in path
> So could this be a broken installation  or am I missing something in
> patrh(just
> c:cygwinbin)?
> > 
> > > Looking at your cygcheck one sees that you are "hiding" a lot of cygwin
> > > programs with MinGW and other stuff. Reorganize your PATH to solve this.
> > > 
> > > You also never told us if xmgrace works.
> > Oh, sorry, you did. Never mind. Do other X programs work?
> > 
> >   Volker
> > 
> > > I mean can you work with the
> > > grace GUI if you just use the program itself and not gracebat.
> > > 
> > >   Volker
> > 
> >>>> ImageMagick    
> > In fact, your cygcheck output shows that you already have the latest
> > version of ImageMagick.
> >
> > So, everything seems to be ok and what I should do is get rid of MINGW?
> > I installed this before cygwin when I was trying to get a Perl module
> > DBD-Oracle
> >  to work...
> > So just get rid of D:MINGW ?
> Or at least remove it from your PATH.

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