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Re: Building a cygwin->linux cross-compiler problem

[Alain Paschoud:]

For some reason, I need to compile in cygwin applications that will run
on linux (OpenBSD to be precise). [...] To do so, I am following first part of
next howto:

But when I compile the binutils (binutils-20050610-1) with gcc (gcc
(GCC) 3.4.4 (cygming special)), the compilation stops, complaining that
_main is twice defined... and that _yyparse can't be linked. [...]

[Brian Dessent:]
Are you missing bison?

[Alain Paschoud:]
According to the error message, this is a good question. But bison and
byacc are installed... however, the configure script doesn't say clearly
if bison is present or not according to its tests.

[Roelof Berg:]

I had the same compiler error output. After I installed bison and byacc binaries
 using cygwins setup.exe everything was fine. (Be sure to clear old temorary
build files after bison is installed before running a new build...).

There were warning messages asking for "bison" and something like "flex" that
gave me the clue what is missing exactly. If you call make a second time after
the error message is shown there is less output so the missing module warnings
can be seen more easily.

hope it helps,
thanks Brian!,

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