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Re: pkg-config .pc files

On Sat, 25 Nov 2006, René Berber wrote:

> thundur wrote:
> > I recently installed cygwin in order to make my gtk programs work on
> > windows. I use pkg-config in my makefiles to generate cflags etc, but
> > no package has installed any .pc metadata files.
> > a search on google learned me that most cygwin packages should install
> > .pc-files.
> >
> > So does anyone know how I can obtain the .pc-files?
> Result: "Found 514 matches for .pc"
> Many packages have them, you're just not looking in the right place.
> And watch your PKG_CONFIG_PATH if you install your own packages (see
> `man pkg-config`).

Just a small note: don't forget that the package search page uses Perl's
regular expressions, so a better search string would be "\.pc$" (escape
the "." and make sure ".pc" is at the end of the filename).  That still
leaves a considerable number of matches (148).
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