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Re: Terminal background color

Igor Peshansky wrote:

> Alternatively, use rxvt, which, like xterm, understands special sequences
> to dynamically change the background color of the window, among other
> things).  Rxvt also has the additional advantage that you can specify the
> background color programmatically on the command line, so you can create
> custom scripts/shortcuts for each machine.

The Windows console API also supports this ability of setting/changing
the colors programmatically, so in theory it should be possible to write
a very small launcher type .exe that parses xterm/rxvt-esque command
line parameters for fonts and colors and creates a Windows console to
the given specifications.  That is, if you absolutely had to have a
windows console.  Personally I would just use rxvt without a second

If you are okay with a really hackish solution you could also fiddle
with the registry, which is where the color settings for consoles are
stored (it's on a per-.exe name basis I think, which lets you set
different font/color settings based on which .exe the console was
launched for.)

But really, as Igor said I think just echoing the desired FG/BG color
change before starting the build or simply using rxvt would be simplest.


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