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Re: Terminal background color

On Fri, 24 Nov 2006, Deluigi Marcus wrote:

> This may be a little OT.
> I start the cygwin terminal with the cygwin.bat and I would like to
> change the background color of each session with a script (e.g. a random
> background color).
> I am developing some software and I have a long compilation process (8')
> and different colors help me to distinguish for which window is logged
> on on which machine.
> I searched for previous posts but I found only little information.

All of the replies given so far had to do with setting and using the
prompt to identify the window (which, I understand, won't do much good for
a window showing the long output of a remote build), so I'll give it a

It's possible to use ANSI Escape sequences to control the background of a
given shell (just set the color/background combination and don't reset
it).  Of course, this method will break with anything that does reset it
(such as a color prompt, colored ls output, etc).

Alternatively, use rxvt, which, like xterm, understands special sequences
to dynamically change the background color of the window, among other
things).  Rxvt also has the additional advantage that you can specify the
background color programmatically on the command line, so you can create
custom scripts/shortcuts for each machine.
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