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Re: .exe.stackdump and core dump files questions

( I'm only responding because of past issues with GUI versus
command line interfaces )
That's ok, to many people, "human readable" only means pictures.
Words may be considered "American readable" but not "human readable."
Some words may be ok if you make good use of colors and figures and fonts.
Animation helps too.

Are American SEC filings or legal documents "human readable?" The presumption
is if you are looking at it you have some idea what it should contain.
I don't see hex as being any different from legal jargon.

There is a tendency today to think if you can point at something you
have the language skills needed to operate a computer. Fine, sometimes
that works. But, if you are going to actually do anything beyond
what other's have made for you, it helps if you understand the insides
a little better.

I don't entirely know who is looking at the stack dump and I sure haven't followed the
rest of this thread but there is a clear distinction between text ( even if you don't understand
it ) and "machine code" or "coded data." Sure, if you have a symbol file and supporting
documents you can get more information but the dump as it stands is human readable.

I've never seen a discusion where the word "offend" has been used and actually
have it ever produce worthwhile results.....

From: Angelo Graziosi <>
Subject: Re: .exe.stackdump and core dump files questions
Date: Fri, 24 Nov 2006 22:29:26 +0100 (MET)

Christopher Faylor wrote:

> If you look at a output of a stackdump file, it is obviously human
> readable.  It is an ascii file which has English words in it.  It was
> NOT clear to me that the OP had actually looked at it

Why are you 'walking on the mirrors'?

They are years that we frequent these lists and we know this kind of
your answers.

Have you pherhaps forgotten that without the feedback of Cygwin people, Cygwin would be only a simple game for you ?

It is not the first time that you 'offend' and than retract 'but I thinked
you mean...' or 'I had not read well...'.

If you re-read, I have wrote 'human-readable informations'.

It seems you are the only thinking that a sequence of HEX character are
human informations.

Why then, in the fifty, does it start the development of High level programming languages?

The pioneers could stay with machine language!



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