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Re: .exe.stackdump and core dump files questions

On Fri, Nov 24, 2006 at 03:25:08PM +0200, Eli Zaretskii wrote:
>>Date: Thu, 23 Nov 2006 22:43:45 +0100
>>From: Corinna Vinschen <>
>>On Nov 23 22:07, Angelo Graziosi wrote:
>>> Christopher Faylor wrote:
>>> > Yes.  It's called "cat".
>>> Do you think to be fun? or that a sequence of HEX characters are
>>> human-readable?
>>There's nothing funny here.  The stackdump file is human-readable
>>and there's no more information.  If you want more information
>>you need a debugger and executables built with debugging information.
>It really is NOT funny: it's perfectly clear what Angelo was asking
>for, even though English is evidently not his first language.  Instead
>of helping him, like the other 2 respondents did, Chris decided to
>mock him in public -- a terribly unfriendly and unprofessional thing
>to do, which doesn't add any respect to this forum.
>Chris should be ashamed, and you, Corinna, shouldn't try defending

Wow.  Nice way to escalate the issue.

If you look at a output of a stackdump file, it is obviously human
readable.  It is an ascii file which has English words in it.  It was
NOT clear to me that the OP had actually looked at it.

There is a difference between the term "human readable" and "I do not
understand what the numbers mean".  If the OP had said something along
the lines of "I see a lot of hexadecimal numbers but I don't know what
they are", then that would have clarified the situation.

But, this kind of response to a one sentence reply is clearly over the
top and unhelpful and just intended to fan some flames (see, I can jump
to conclusions, too).  If you are really intent on taking people to
task, then please use the cygwin-talk mailing list.


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