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Re: Installation problem(?) for grace: HOW DO I GET old xorgs?

Ok, thanks and sorry for including raw emails. Now
1) I removed all mingw from the path, rebooted, ran ash, /bin/rebaseall
and rebooted

cat still works
grace and gracebat do not(no complaints, but they produce nothing)
2) Do other x-programs work? I tried xterm and got back cygX11-6.dll not found
in path
So could this be a broken installation  or am I missing something in patrh(just
> > Looking at your cygcheck one sees that you are "hiding" a lot of cygwin
> > programs with MinGW and other stuff. Reorganize your PATH to solve this.
> > 
> > You also never told us if xmgrace works.
> Oh, sorry, you did. Never mind. Do other X programs work?
>   Volker
> > I mean can you work with the
> > grace GUI if you just use the program itself and not gracebat.
> > 
> >   Volker
>>>> ImageMagick    
> In fact, your cygcheck output shows that you already have the latest
> version of ImageMagick.

> So, everything seems to be ok and what I should do is get rid of MINGW?
> I installed this before cygwin when I was trying to get a Perl module
> DBD-Oracle
>  to work...
> So just get rid of D:\MINGW ?

Or at least remove it from your PATH.

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