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Re: Installation problem(?) for grace: HOW DO I GET old xorgs?

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Ugh - write to the list, not me:

> Ugh - top-posting reformatted:

Double ugh - even after I told you not to, you top-posted.  You aren't
winning very many friends that way.

> According to moka AT on 11/24/2006 7:55 AM:
>                  ^^^^
> You may want to consider configuring your mailer to provide a name
> alongside your email address, to reduce the amount of spam you get.
> Ugh - raw email address munged:

According to on 11/24/2006 8:11 AM:
> Αρχικό μήνυμα από  Eric Blake <ebb9 AT byu DOT net>:
                                     ^^^^   ^^^^^

Double ugh - even after I told you not to, you went ahead and included a
raw email address.

> Rerun setup.exe, and make sure that Imagemagick is selected.  If you have
> previously installed it, you should automatically get it updated.
>>>> ImageMagick    
> In fact, your cygcheck output shows that you already have the latest
> version of ImageMagick.

> So, everything seems to be ok and what I should do is get rid of MINGW?
> I installed this before cygwin when I was trying to get a Perl module
> DBD-Oracle
>  to work...
> So just get rid of D:\MINGW ?

Or at least remove it from your PATH.

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