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RE: Perl Device::SerialPort problem

aliko is having troubles with Cygwin, HOME, Perl, and/or CPAN.

When you start a Cygwin Bash shell for the first time, there are at
least two possibilities:

1.  Your HOME environment is not set, Cygwin creates the directory
C:\cygwin\home\USERNAME, and copies in .bashrc, .bash_profile, etc..
This is how I set up my machines, and everything works as I expect
(including Perl, although I've run into problems with CPAN and try to
avoid it; manually installing packages is safest).

2.  Your HOME environment variable is set, and Cygwin goes off down the
garden path.  I don't run my systems this way.

It would appear you have the later case.  To get to the former, go to
Start -> Settings -> Control Panel -> System -> Advanced -> Environment
Variables and take a look at your User and System variables.  If HOME is
set and you didn't set it manually, something else did.  So, removing
HOME may fix Cygwin and break something else.



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