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Re: Minor oddities when doing a full install from scratch [attn lyx maintainer]

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According to fergus on 11/23/2006 6:43 AM:
> 2. After choosing a Full install Cygwin posted an error message:
>    Warning! Unmet dependencies found.
>    The following packages are required but not selected
>    Package libecpg5 required by postgresql
>    Package libpgtypes2 required by postgresql
>    <tick> install these packages to meet dependencies (RECOMMENDED)

That seems odd to me, too, but I don't know what the problem was.

> 4. And, at this third installation, Cygwin posted an error message
>    Warning: moving directory /etc/postinstall/ out of the way

That's because the lyx maintainer needs to upload a new version of lyx
that provides a shell script instead of a directory as
/etc/postinstall/  It has been brought up before, with no response;
is the maintainer even paying attention?

> Thank you. I have attached setup.log and setup.log.full.

That was overkill.  Unless specifically requested, sending more than about
100kb of attachments (ie. a typical cygcheck output size) is bad
netiquette; your 839kb clogged lots of inboxes today.

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