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AW: Perl Device::SerialPort problem

ali.tlisov at gmail dot com wrote on Wed, 22 Nov 2006 17:38:32 +0300:
> This programm 
> uses perl and Device::SerialPort module. I've tried to ask my 
> question 
> in the forum devoted to that programm, but the answer was 
> that the roots 
> of problem is in my Cygwin configuration. Here the answer:
> As far as I understood it's all because my home directory is 
> located in 
> the "Documents and Settings" folder wich contains spaces in 
> the name and 
> it's causes some programs like perl to work incorrectly.I 
> cant work from 
> the /home/ali dirrectory as it's was suggsested because there 
> is no such 
> dirrectory "/home".

When I installed Device::SerialPort on  W2k with Cygwin 1.5.19
I copied the .tar.gz from CPAN into my home dir (the name of
which does not contain spaces even (though I don't know whether
that's relevant for the installation procedure)).

Then I untarred the file and followed the installation instructions
in the README (i.e., perl Makefile.PL, make, make test and make
install). Not all the tests were successful but the module works
for me (tm).


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