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Re: cp command fails when copying from a network drive

I'm not sure if it helps at all, but I've just been told this about our
NetApp filer:
 "It's using a Network Appliance proprietery OS called DataOntap, this
is Unix based."

Copying from this drive used to work fine with older versions of cygwin.
Is it possible to provide a command line option to `cp' to revert it to
the old behavior and avoid the problem?

For now, I'm just using this shell function (zsh) to copy from the V:

vcp() {
    [[ $# != 2 ]] && echo "Usage: $0 <source> <dest>" && return
    cmd /c copy $(cygpath -w $1) "$(cygpath -w $2)"


------Original Message-------

Eric Blake wrote:

 > Can you tell us more about the network drive, like is it running
 > and if so, what version?

I've asked our IT Services folks, and here's the reply:
"I don't know much about it, other than it is a NetApp filer.   It won't
be running Samba, NetApp have their own proprietary OS. It might be
worth checking the web for any issues with NetApp vs. Cygwin."

After googling as suggested, I found the following message, which
indicates a very similar problem has been seen before (except I do have
problems when trying to copy files with a .txt suffix):

I've just run setup.exe to upgrade to the latest versions and still see
the same problem. I've attached the updated output from cygcheck -svr.



I've pasted my original message below to provide some context, as I'm
not a member of the mailing list and cannot seem to reply from the
mailing list archive web site.

------Original Message-------

I have cygwin version 1.5.21 and am getting the following error when
attempting to copy a file from a network drive to a local drive:
$ cp v:/foo.txt ~
cp: skipping file `v:/foo.txt', as it was replaced while being copied

I've noticed from the mailing list archives that this problem has been
seen before, but I haven't managed to find any solution/workaround.

I've attached the output from running `cygcheck -svr' and the results of
running the getvolinfo command posted in the archives.

Copying works fine from all my mapped network drives except for my v:
drive (which is automatically mapped at login to a "home" drive at
another site).

I notice in the cygcheck output that this is the only network drive not
marked with "FC" (not sure if this is significant or not):
b:  net NTFS    327304Mb  68% CP CS UN PA FC     NASVolume
r:  net NTFS    114392Mb  90% CP CS UN PA FC     
v:  net NTFS       500Mb  46% CP CS UN PA        johnc$

Also, this "v:" drive has some kind of auto-snapshot system where
modified files are placed in a ~snapshot directory with subdirs named
hourly.0, hourly.1, ..., nightly.0, etc, etc.

Any help to resolve this would be appreciated.


    --- John

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