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RE: DLL problems on fresh install

On 22 November 2006 16:38, Scott Hepler wrote:

> On Wed, Nov 22, 2006 at 03:23:41PM -0000, Dave Korn wrote:
>> On 22 November 2006 14:28, Scott Hepler wrote:
>>> On Wed, Nov 22, 2006 at 01:15:44PM -0000, Dave Korn wrote:
>>>>   Or in other words....
>>>>> Problem reports:
>>>> ... get busy with the cygcheck attachment, dude!
>>> Heh, cygcheck didn't work either, of course.
>>   That's wrong, or if it is correct, it is unrelated.  Personally, I think
>> you just don't want to admit you didn't even try it.  If you did, perhaps
>> you could describe the error that occurred....?
> You might indeed be right -- I certainly can't argue.  I tried a lot of
> things which gave negative error indications.  Sorry to bug you.
> -s.

  Heh, sorry for being so surreptitious about my meaning.

  The point is: cygcheck is *not* a cygwin program, it is a win32 native
program (compiled using -mno-cygwin) for *exactly* this reason: so that if
everything else is broken, you can still run cygcheck to try and find out what
the matter is.  The "of course" at the end of your mention of it made me think
you were suggesting it had produced the same clashing dlls error.

  While it /can/ produce this error, as it tries to invoke 'id' as a
subprogram to get the user/group numbers, and 'id' *is* a cygwin executable,
then even though 'id' fails, the rest of cygcheck runs fine and produces lots
of useful output.

Can't think of a witty .sigline today....

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