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RE: Perl Device::SerialPort problem

On 22 November 2006 14:39, aliko wrote:

> of problem is in my Cygwin configuration. Here the answer:
> ***
> sh: /cygdrive/c/Documents: No such file or directory
> This looks like your problem. Cygwin does not like blank spaces in file
> names at times, so work from your cygwin home directory. This is
> "/home/ali" or something, and not "/cygdrive/c/*"
> ***
> As far as I understood it's all because my home directory is located in
> the "Documents and Settings" folder wich contains spaces in the name and
> it's causes some programs like perl to work incorrectly.I cant work from
> the /home/ali dirrectory as it's was suggsested because there is no such
> dirrectory "/home".

#1.  The explanation you have been given isn't true.  Cygwin has no problem
with blank spaces in file names.  Bash, on the other hand, *does*, because a
space is what you use to separate words on the command line.  This is exactly
the same on Linux as it is on Cygwin.

  Of course, the /real/ bug is in whatever (CPAN?) invoked sh passing it a
commandline with spaces and forgetting that you have to either quote the path
or escape the spaces. 

#2.  You can just create /home, then edit your /etc/passwd entry so that it
points to /home/<your user name>.  See

Can't think of a witty .sigline today....

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