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DLL problems on fresh install

Hi folks:

Sorry to bring what is apparently a FAQ, but I'm stuck.

I had an existing Cygwin install (1.5.?) which I upgraded to 1.5.21-1 via
setup.exe.  I started getting that infamous error:

7 [main] ? (336) C:\cygwin\bin\bash.exe *** fatal error - system shared
memory version mismatch detected - 0x75BE0074/0x2D1E009C.

I get a similar error (the '336' in the parens changes) for any of the
binaries I try from C:\cygwin\bin.

So I searched for extra copies of 'cygwin1.dll' (and didn't find any).  I
tried deleting the upgraded 'cygwin1.dll' and rebooting, then reinstalling.
And finally, after repeating these several times, I moved/zipped the
old-but-upgraded install and did a fresh install.  But guess what?  I still
get that error.

I also tried Dependency Walker, but it didn't show me anything
obviously-weird, except that test for 64-bit machines (?).  I also fiddled
with some of those Sysinternals tools -- they're cool, but also didn't
shine any lights that helped me.

I'm wondering now if I'm missing something, maybe even something really
obvious.  Or might there be some weird interaction with other stuff on this
system?  It's W2K, if it matters.  And I'll be glad to get much more
specific if that helps.

Can anybody help me stop this wandering, please?


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