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Cygwin > 1.5.18-1 fails on network and removable drives

Versions of "cygwin" up to 1.5.18-1 have worked just fine for me (Windows XP).
All later versions fail to work for me as follows:

  o Attempts to list ("ls") network drives (Windows shares) fail with
  "permission denied". My home folder is a network drive supported by SMB; this
  is supported by a Unix server running TAS. Cygwin 1.5.18-1 and earlier work
  just fine with CYGWIN=ntsec. I have tried all combinations of
  "(no)ntsec"/"(no)smbntsec"/"(no)ntea" with later versions of Cygwin, but I
  alwasy get "permission denied".

  o Attempts to access removable drives (e.g. floppy, USB memory) behave
  bizarrely. I either see "permission denied" or I see the raw device when I try
  to list the contents. I discovered that unsetting "ntea" solves this problem,
  perhaps because these external drives are FAT and not NTFS. But setting "ntea"
  wasn't a problem until I progressed beyond Cygwin 1.5.18-1.

I can't find anything on the archives that seems to address this, and I've
exhausted all the things I can think of. Something significant seems to have
changed in Cygwin about six months ago. Any thoughts? Thanks!

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